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About OneCard Cash

Emory & Henry and Sodexo Dining Services have joined together to make your Meal Plan more powerful! Currently, your Flex dollars can be used for any dining location on campus, but we realize that you want more! We’ve partnered with your favorite off campus merchant – Macado’s – to give you the ultimate in flexibility, variety and value. Now, OneCard Cash can be spent to make à la carte purchases in any campus or local establishment that accepts them. 

OneCard Cash Benefits 

Increase Flexibility and Spending Power 

  • Use on and off-campus 
  • Eat when and where you want 
  • Unused balances carry over semester to semester, year to year 
  • Enjoy additional variety to your meal plan 


  • One card for everything you need 
  • Your Emory & Henry OneCard does it all 
  • Easy to budget, track and add money


  • Safer than cash or credit cards 
  • Parent peace-of-mind

OneCard Cash Locations

Use your OneCard Cash at the following On Campus Locations: 

  • VanDyke Dining Hall 
  • Wow Wingery 
  • Hut C-Store 
  • Simply to Go 
  • Macado’s 
  • The Mercantile Bookstore

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneCard Cash?

OneCard Cash is a convenient debit account right on your OneCard. Make a deposit into your account and you can swipe your card all over campus and at participating merchants to pay for the things you use everyday. No more digging into your spending money, late night stops at the ATM or charging up credit cards.

What is the difference between OneCard Cash and Flex Dollars?

OneCard Cash can be used at the bookstore, on campus dining locations, and select off-campus locations. (OneCard Cash can not yet be used for printing, copying, laundry, or vending). Flex Dollars are tax free, and can only be used at the Emory & Henry dining locations.

How Do I Get OneCard Cash?

It’s right at your fingertips. The OneCard Cash system will be BUILT RIGHT INTO your existing OneCard. The new meal plans will include OneCard Cash. Purchases are deducted from the account when you swipe your card, and your balance is automatically adjusted. If you do not have a plan already including OneCard Cash, all you have to do is upgrade your plan, or make a deposit (or get Mom and Dad to) anytime throughout the semester; then enjoy total freedom without spending your cash or charging up credit cards. Your OneCard Cash account gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, on or off campus.

Will I Lose Unused OneCard Cash?

You’ve heard of rollover minutes? Your unused OneCard Cash balance will roll over from semester to semester and year to year as long as you are an active member of the Emory & Henry community.

How do I add money to my OneCard Cash account?

View the 'Add Money' page for details. <<Where is this information?>>

What do I do if I lose my Emory & Henry ID Card?

Lost or stolen Meal Cards can be replaced. Contact Campus Security or Suzanne Riley at (276) 944-6529.

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